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The Dacia Duster by delta4x4.

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  • 28.05.2018

The cult SUV gets an off road boost

The Dacia Duster has been around for a while now and can hold its head high. The Dacia Duster is widely regarded as a low-cost, no frills reliable SUV.  Amongst many it’s already achieved cult status.  That said, it seems that a little help to optimize its off road credentials wouldn’t go amiss.  Delta4x4 recognizes that the Duster ticks all the boxes for a standard SUV but feels that the compact Dacia could do with being spiced up some!

For the Dacia Duster delta4x4 the Bavarian off road specialist has created a complete off road package. To begin with delta4x4 improves the Duster’s off road capabilities by using a spacer for a chassis height adjustment giving the SUV a further 3 centimeter ground clearance; this also improves the relevant terrain angle.  Happily this height adjustment allows the standard wheels to be replaced by a set of 215/70x16 BF Goodrich A/T KO2’s. The Goodrich wheels with their all terrain profile significantly increase off road traction; they sport the snowflake symbol indicating its sanctioned as a winter tire.

delta4x4 also offers in the Dacia Duster package an under ride protection made of 5mm thick aluminum that safeguards the engine and transmission from damage that may occur in challenging off road conditions, and when turning back is not an option delta4x4 has equipped the Dacia Duster with an electric winch.  The winch by Horntools has a two ton towing load and is concealed behind the bumper so complying with all legal regulations.  As another bright addition delta4x4 suggests mounting a set of rally proven PIAA headlamps renown the world over for their excellent light yields. 

To round off the package delta4x4 delivers a 63mm high polished stainless steel front bar that naturally meets pedestrian protection safety standards. 


Depending on which tires one opts for, the complete wheel set in 16 inch is available from delta4x4 for approximately 1.350€, the pictured wheel set with the BF Goodrich T/A KO2 in the 215/70x16 is available for 1.790€.  

Mounted Parts: Delta Lift Kit 30mm, Wheels delta WP 16x7,5 and Tires BF Goodrich All Terrain K02 215/70R16, Front Bar delta exclusiv 63mm - tested after the European pedestrian security regulations, Horn winch 2 tons, PIAA LED lights 550

Verwendete Teile: Delta Lift Kit 30mm; Einteilige Aluminium Felge delta WP 16x7,5 und Reifen: BF Goodrich All Terrain K02 215/70R16; Front Bügel 63mm getestet nach den Europäischen Fußgänger Schutz Richtlinien, Horn Seilwinde 2 Tonnen, PIAA LED Scheinwerfer 550

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