Ford Ranger, “the Bad Boy” version

 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 23.08.2017

The Ford Ranger modified by delta4x4 to be the “Bad Boy” version has got real power under its hood. Thanks to its optimized motor management and a modified exhaust system with side pipes for maximum performance of 240 HP, this means twenty percent more power than the factory version. Sprint-ready, the latest Pickup augmented by the Bavarian off-road specialists can now conquer our roads.

Its fascinating performance is supported by the Bad Boy’s chassis, solid on the road, as well as off-road. Additionally, the Southern German tuning experts gave the Ford Pickup a body-lift, resulting in a ca. 40mm higher chassis, mounted on larger 275/60 R 20 wheels, which adds another two centimeters in height. For the most favorable tires, delta4x4 chose all-terrain tires by Geolandar A/T for best performance. These all-terrain tires are from the Japanese off-road tire specialists Yokohama and are made for all-around use, so that the “Bad Boy” version of the Ranger can fully display its power on the road, off-road, and, in fact, in any terrain. Thanks to the elaborate rubber/silica mix they perform very well, even in winter. The tires carry the M+S and Snowflake mark; they are mounted on highly durable aluminum rims for Pickups from the upgrade program of the Bavarian all-terrain vehicle tuning specialists. The “Lander” rims with their five-double-spoke design offer extremely high durability as well and is tested up to 1.200kg. 

The space required for the large tires housed in their wheel arch extensions is created by delta4x4 with its “Iceland” model arch extensions: these add another ca. 30 centimeters in width to the Pickup, which gives its “really bad” appearance to the Ranger. The Ford Ranger’s mutation into the Bad Boy is accomplished by adding a front bar with additional wide beams by PIAA. Yellow LED technology ensures bright lighting that is easy on the eyes, on the road and off road, as well. Finally the Bad Boy by delta4x4 is ready for use in truly ANY terrain. 

The body-lift’s additional 40 mm height by delta4x4 is priced at 900 Euro, the 20 inch set of wheels including the Yokohama tires comes to 3.500 Euro.  The price for the fender extensions is 1.800 Euro, a side exhaust on both sides, including the EG operating permit, runs 950 Euro. The front bar (approved for EU roads) including the LED wide beams by PIAA are 1.100 Euro.