OffRoad Tires for the VW Multivan T6

 : clever+zöger gmbh

delta4x4, the Southern German All-Terrain Vehicles Specialist continues the “Beast” design series with the new Ford Ranger.

For use on streets and for adventurous trips to areas beyond black tops and asphalt, Transporters like the VW Multivan T6 are a prime choice. But the Standard Tires and factory mounted wheels quickly reach their limit when used in open terrain. Soon the regular tire tread has no more traction, and the wheels are threatened by the contact with the terrain. This is why the Southern German Tuning Experts delta4x4 developed a complete wheel that optimizes the performance of the VW Multivan T6 on the road, as well as out there in open terrain.

The set consists of four tires from the all terrain line by BF Goodrich on KlassikB alloy wheels  which have a screwed-on guard ring for protection that can be replaced when it is damaged – so that nothing stands in the way of your off-road ambitions in this family transporter by VW

The 8.5 inch Klassik and KlassikB wheels were weight optimized, to achieve the goal of delta4x4, to provide wheels of maximum durability, at the lightest weight. The aluminum wheel conversion kit of the 18x8.5 inch delta Klassik or KlassikB models and the off-road/all around and all terrain tires by BF Goodrich are available starting at € 2,900. The Off-Road aluminum rim is available in “matt black” and Aluminum polished. The guard ring for the wheel can be replaced for just € 25, if damage occurs from contact with the curb.