„The Beast“- Ford Ranger by delta4x4

 : clever+zöger gmbh

delta4x4, the Southern German All-Terrain Vehicles Specialist continues the “Beast” design series with the new Ford Ranger.

The all new 2016 Ranger is more than just a facelift of the previous model:
with solid All-Terrain Stability Control, optional Off-Road Package, Hill Start Assist and Hill-Descent Control and a fording depth of 80 cm it is already the top all-terrain vehicle in the series. To optimize it even more was a real challenge for delta4x4, and required truly innovative solutions.

Raising the Ranger by 150mm (15cm) required delta4x4 to find a combination of a Body-Lift kit of 10 cm and a spring kit that would provide another 50mm in height. This combination of components provides not only greater clearance, but allows the “Beast” to have outstanding axle articulation, plus it provides clearly more Off-Road Power.
Another two centimeters of clearance are gained by mounting the new delta4x4 20inch rims with  315/55 R 20 Yokohama tires, but that means the driver has to be in pretty good shape to get in. “Wide Body” fender extensions and a frontal bar in compliance with EU Guidelines for pedestrian safety round out the upgrade of the Ford Ranger and make it into the delta Beast.
The complete Lift of the vehicle including assembly, paint and technical approval, depending upon choice of tires, starts at 10,000 Euro. Certification of the upgrade, i.e. road certification for the Ranger “Beast” is possible in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. All other countries should check with delta4x4.
The 2016 Ranger is the first vehicle tuned by the Off-Road- Upgrade Specialist in the Bavarian South to include the newly approved PIAA LED lights. Thanks to its yellow tint this lighting system is easy on the eyes and provides improved visibility under foggy conditions. Thanks to the built-in reflector technology these lights offer that additional advantage of having superior illumination on the terrain.
At 100mm lift, the Body-Lift kit is available at delta4x4 for 1,700 Euro; the additional 50mm lift per spring set is 1,800 Euro and the 20 inch tire set comes to about 2,900 Euro. The price for the “Wide Lightbars” with yellow light by PIAA is at delta4x4 starting at 490 Euro.