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You can’t outrun someone by following in their footsteps. [Francois Truffaut]

This is not only the motto of delta4x4. We claim, also all our friends tick like this and have found their way only through this! We introduce you to a few interesting minds…

Tomas Slavik
Pro-Mountainbiker, 4X Pro Tour World Series Champion

The list of successes is long. There are many hurdles on the way to becoming a world champion. Talent and skill are one thing. Mental strength, however, always determines victory and defeat. For a professional athlete like the exceptional Tomas, this applies to all areas of life. That’s why his vehicle was unique in every detail. We are just as proud of the result as Tomas himself.

Jeremy Grube
Actor, Musician and traveler

Jeremy is known as the series hero of Cologne 50667 and is thus perceived as very constant. But there is more slumbering in him. As a musician, he gives free rein to his creative spirit. But Jeremy is also a restless spirit and is regularly drawn to faraway places. There his soul can enjoy freedom. Thereby VANLIFE is exactly his thing! Whether alone, alone with his girlfriend or as a musician with his fans at free VANLIFE concerts, his VAN always rolls safely on delta4x4 wheels to his dream places.

Dominik Freund aka Freundship
Youtuber and Traveller

Dominik does everything himself. And he’s not squeamish about it. When he does, he does it right. There are virtually no small projects. Everything is always big. And that’s what we and his large YouTube following like. He has started and, above all, successfully completed countless projects involving vehicle conversions or his workshop. The community is often amazed at what Dominik conjures up. And Dominik does not only know what is important on Youtube – he also relies on delta4x4 products for his conversions. You can rely on him!

André Scheidler
Host & Founder

Andre has been bitten by the eFever bug. He is moved above all by what moves us all. The car! For him, the only way forward is electric. And with real pressure. He checks the facts and that hard as nails. Since recently, his TESLA floats on delta’s Klassik_B wheels 35mm higher above the asphalt. André tells the story in his YT post.

Simone Giertz
Inventor, Maker, TV Host, Youtuber

With Simone, not everything always makes sense at first glance. Or does it? If need be, she even converts a TESLA into a pickup herself. Sleeves up! Chapeau!

Yvonne Pferrer
Actress, travel blogger and book author

Over 1.5Mio followers on Instagram. Wow. That’s a lot. We are a bit proud that Yvonne travels with a van converted by delta4x4. Yvonne is an enrichment for all who dream of the distance.

Benyamin Senkal
Videographer and Blogger

The self-proclaimed outdoor punk is one of the specialists for the G-Class in Germany. There’s hardly a component that Benyamin hasn’t disassembled and optimized and reinstalled. He knows the countryside between Montenegro and Morocco just as well as he knows the G-Class. His G-Class is therefore very field-tested. His word counts in the community!


When following Coco’s influencer journey, two themes are ever-present. Cosmetics and vanlife. Ok, with the former we are not the first contact, but with the topic of individual campers we are in the front. That’s why Coco’s van is also rolling through her VAN-life with Klassik_B wheels! Thanks Coco!

Pressteam Rally DAKAR

The connection to the Dakar Press Team has existed for many years. The roots of delta4x4 were planted more than 40 years ago by Josef Loder in the desert sand of Dakar. This time has also influenced the way of delta4x4 and the contacts from back then still exist to a large extent. The Dakar is like a family. Of course, the Dutch press team rolls on delta wheels through the hot desert sand to capture the best photos and stories from the Dakar Rally for many years.

Daniel Ernst

Being on the road and catching the light. Daniel’s passion. Being mobile means being able to make his journey. Whether Daniel is stalking in the woods with his camera or creating atmospheric portraits, he clearly loves what he does.

Hendrik Embacher
Vanlife, Outdoor & Offroad Company

To call Hendrik, the head of “Zweidreitage”, the co-founder of the VANlife scene is certainly not an exaggeration. He knows exactly what he wants and always delivers clean work. A perfectionist. His VANs are convincing and a class figurehead for the camper scene. We have more in common than just a business relationship. Keep it up, Hendrik!

Lennart Pagel
Photographer and traveler

Lennart loves light! As a photographer, the air to breathe. He proves that it does not always have to be the most distant place to find special light moods and places. Lennart shows his view of the world with his pictures and sends us on a journey to our places of longing.

Raphaël Vogt
Actor, MMA fighter and much more

Raphael is a true multi-talent. He has already “fought” on so many corners in life. He always makes the best of it. Respect! He does not know star airs. A delta fan has become a real friend.

Hannes Becker

Hannes is one of the 12 German Roamers. The current 12 photographers strive for only the best quality when it comes to visual content, using their shared setup. With their expertise in social media, they implement social campaigns and produce visual content for their clients worldwide.
German Roamers

Giulio Gröbert
Photographer and filmmaker

Giulio and Elena have been traveling around the world in their transit for a few years and let us share their journey. Giulio is an outstanding photographer and filmmaker and transports the travel mood in a special way.

Det Müller
Journalist and presenter

Det is a bedrock of the tuning scene. Basta! His expertise is always maximally well-founded and simply cult! Privately, Det also likes it more martial. Then it may also be a delta4x4 Beast.

Of course, the list does not claim to be complete! You think we have forgotten you and you should definitely be on the list, then write to us.
Thanks to all our fans, friends and ambassadors.

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