Homage to the four wheel drive

delta4x4 rockt die 80er

Josef Loder was born into a Bavarian automobile family.  Son of a well-known Ford-dealer, his ambitions lay in design. In 1980 he established together with two very good friends a small garage in Schondorf am Ammersee. They called the company “delta4x4” and set to work developing accessories for offroad vehicles. In those days, offroad vehicles were exotic, nobody could have imagined how popular they would be today. Josef Loder remains the sole managing director of delta4x4 and together with ten employees develops fascinating accessory concepts for more than 60 offroad vehicles.


Together with the renowned LJ80, delta4x4 a small enthusiastic motorsport team, delivers its first accessory kit.


1981: the first Suzuki LJ80 by delta4x4.

Relocation of the company from Schondorf am Ammersee to Odelzhausen near Munich.


arrival of Josef Loder with his factory-Suzuki in Dakar

delta4x4 competes in the legendary Paris-Dakar Rallye with a strengthened LJ80 and triumphs despite not being placed.


Fenouille stands on the roof top of his Rover with signal rockets.

The beginning of an inspiring friendship and collaboration between „Fenouille“, organiser of the Pyramides Rallye, and delta4x4.


Mickey Thompson with the aloa wheel rim by delta4x4.

delta4x4 was the first official European importer of Mickey Thompson Tires – delta4x4 and Mickey Thomson still enjoy a successful partnership.


josef loder drives for bmw and is glad about his arrival in dakar.

Josef „Beppo“ Loder participates once again in the Paris-Dakar Rallye.


a participating vehicle of the pharaos' rallye in front of a pyramide.

Desire for adventure – Josef Loder officially represents Germany in the Pharaos Rallye.


a samurai with raised suspension and accessories by delta4x4.

The Big Foot alteration, the first in a series of „Delta-monsters“ based of the Suzuki Samurai, celebrated amongst delta4x4 resounding successes.


front bar by delta4x4.

delta4x4 redefines the front bar for pedestrian protection. The Siemens Restraint Systems Institute affirms the delta4x4 front bar as a substantially enhanced pedestrian protection system (according to Euro-NCAP/WG17).


piaa in action at the dakar rallye.

delta4x4 the first official European PIAA importer, again simplifying the market entrance for another foreign company.


participating vehicle in the desert.

The Official German representative in the Paris-Dakar Rallye and the first address for drivers and sponsors.


picture of a turtle which was used as a logo for delta motorsports.

At full throttle, the new delta4x4 building is erected in Unterumbach.


hilux in front of delta4x4 tires.

delta4x4 develops into an internationally acknowledged wheel/tire specialist for all well-established offroad vehicles.


maverick in the desert.

the Pharaos Rallye, Josef Loder with his Ford Maverick chases over the dunes. His co-driver is the Australian Andrew Gwinnet.


delta4x4 has participated in the transylvania trophy from the very beginnings.

First participation and sponsoring of the Transylvania Trophy with partner Mickey Thompson. In the years following “Fulda”-tires with delta4x4 supported the Transylvania Trophy until it ended in 2003.


jutta kleinschmidt together with delta4x4 at the start of the dresden breslau.

From the outset delta4x4 is the main sponsor of the München-Breslau Rallye, Europe’s toughest. Ten years later, the “Dakar-Queen” Jutta Kleinschmidt tests the delta4x4Mitsubishi L200 “Big Baboon”.


section of the wheel rim romm by delta4x4.

World premiere – the first 22 inch wheel rim, the delta4x4 "Romm“, developed in collaboration with the tire manufacturer Dunlop.


section of the wheel rim romm by delta4x4.

At full speed towards the new millenium. A Stuntman crew trains with the delta4x4 BIG BULL monster.


din en iso 14001 certificate.

After the desert sand has settled, only three things are important for delta4x4: quality, quality, quality.


maximilian loder, junior of josef loder, stands in front of a black and white ford gt.

Loder1899 prepares for its launch – the sister company of delta4x4 is a tribute to the family company, Loder Motore 1899, Munich.


23 inch wheel rim named elements four by delta4x4.

Development of the first worldwide 23 inch tires, in collaboration with the tire manufacturer Continental.


delta4x4 has developed a new front bar system named s-tec.

The delta4x4 specialists have advocated pedestrian protection from the very beginning, pioneering the revolutionary S-Tec front bar system.


maybach study wears fulda tires with the delta4x4 wheel rim elements four in 23 inch.

The Maybach Exelero wears the custom made wheel rims „Elements IV“ by delta4x4 in cooperation with the tire manufacturer Fulda.


a delta4x4 ford ranger climbs on a hill and in the background a red bull tent is seen.

Red Bull on promotion tour with a Ford Ranger designed by delta4x4.


julia loder accepts the yokohama tuning award.

Second place at the „Yokohama AutoBild Alles Allrad“ Tuning Award for the Nissan Navara „King Kong Cap“ by delta4x4.


jeep grand cherokee the dune

delta4x4 launches the concept car „The Dune“ on the base of a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8.


VW Amarok Body Lift Kit

The delta4x4 parts for the VW Amarok are worldwide available.


Off Road Award

delta4x4 wins the Ofroad Award for the best tuning car. The VW Amarok " The beast".


The successful story of delta4x4 continues with the Ford Ranger.