The VW Bulli came in to it’s own in the 1960’s as the vehicle that symbolized the American counter culture of the time. Embraced by the free love hippie movement, it was there at Woodstock, it was there at civil rights rallies in the Deep South, it was everywhere that mattered to those who rejected the mainstream American culture. At the same time it established itself as the packhorse of the Mexican farmer hauling his produce to market, it was the school run vehicle, the cool urban people mover, you name it the Bulli played its part in all layers of society.

Renowned for its practical quality and robustness the Bulli is loved and identified by many, none more than delta4x4 the bavarian custom tuners whose passion for adventure is visionary. It’s of little wonder that delta4x4 has jumped at the opportunity to customize todays Bulli!

This is the delta4x4’s plan for the VW T7 Multivan: a suspension kit, which will raise the vehicle by approx. 40mm, as in the past delta4x4 will partner with Eibach and Bilstein for this. delta4x4 plans a front bar in accordance with the personal protection guidelines of the EC, and a sports exhaust system that will give the motor a sonorous vibe and will optimize the throughput of the rear silencer. There’ll be a retro style wheel arch widening, which will cover the proposed 17 to 22inch rims and tires.!

Because they only offer 2 tire sizes, delta4x4 is probably the smallest tire manufacturer in the world. So it is no wonder that the VW T7 Multivan will be fitted with a choice of one of these tires, such as the Loder AT#1 in 255/55R18 which provides a perfect fit for off-road bv use. New in the delta4x4 range is a roof rack system. It’s exceptional in terms of solidity and bv functionality. The front bar and roof rack are fitted with high performance headlights from PIAA.

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