delta4x4 went to work on the Wrangler Rubicon for the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, one of the leading manufactures of off-road tires. The delta4x4 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon was then used by the US tire company to test its Discoverer STT Pro P.O.R tire range. delta4x4, the off-road tuning specialist, is always up for a challenge none more so than this one as working with Cooper Tire & Rubber is a privilege.

delta4x4 chose the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon because it already offers the best off-road characteristics in standard trim. To maximize its off-road capabilities the team from delta4x4 started by giving it a 50mm suspension lift. This suspension kit, specially developed for the Wrangler Rubicon consists of the longer coil springs from Eibachcombined with Bilsteinshock absorbers. The 35×12.5R20 Discoverer STT Pro P.O.R tire is very impressive but then when it’s mounted on delta4x4’s Klassik B rim, well then, that’s really something to write home about!

The Cooper tire is specially designed for off-road use and has already proven itself in the Dakar Rally. Its Armor-tek carcass construction provides the necessary robustness, the tread pattern extends deep into the sidewall optimizing the traction on soft ground giving the tire that additional “bite” when tackling rocky terrain.

The Klassik B rim is also designed for the toughest off-road use. A replaceable ring acts as an impactor which absorbs energy on contact thus protecting the rim from damage, the ring itself is easy and inexpensive to replace. As a finishing touch delta4x4 equipped the Wrangler Rubicon with a complete set of PIAA lights, these lights turn night into day.

Having successfully styled their Cooper Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the next step was to put the vehicle through its paces, believing not to do things by half they went to the Swabian Alps, the Spanish Andorrian Tabbaco Smuggler’s Route, the Pic Negre, the Slovenian Julian Alps, undoubtedly some of the roughest and toughest off-road driving that there’s tobe found in Europe. Finally, the Cooper/delta4x4 Wrangler Rubicon was subjected to three tortuous days at the Abenteuer Allrad trade fair.

Unfazed and glorious nothing stood in its way. The verdict: the ultra-hard sidewall, 3-D tread tire is virtually indestructible. After this extremely demanding endurance test, the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro P.O.R. tire can now boast “the official delta4x4 seal of approval”.