Munich/Unterumbach, July 2022.

Hey Dear Delta friends, I am Daniel Golda, I have been working for Delta4x4 for 12 years and I am now the sales manager for caravaning.

12 years ago, when we were almost exclusively focused on the pick ups, I have not even thought about camping, let alone seriously dealt with the subject. My only experience with camping was camping with my buddies at the tender age of 15. Now 18 years later I am a passionate camper and completely addicted to the “vanlife”. Life “without” is no longer imaginable for me and my family.

But how I got infected with camping fever and then also immediately infected my wife Monika and my son Maximilian, I would like to tell you in this blog post.

LoderTire Daniel FIAT Ducato
LoderTire Daniel FIAT Ducato

At Delta, off-roaders have always been at the forefront. Thick tires on appropriate rims are a must. Offroaders want to go everywhere, preferably without assistance. Off-road rims are our specialty. When Westfalia launched the Fiat Ducato Amundsen, we had the perfect equipment for it with the Klassik_B rim. More and more campers recognized this, which is fully understandable given the key data and the awesome look. The round must, as is well known to the square, or so! 😉

Then, when the Mercedes Sprinter 907 came onto the market in 2018, the camping virus fully hit home with us. Then only one small step was missing. The dear Rene from invited me to an interview about rims of the MB Sprinter. All this opened a new door for my view on the VAN life and from then on it was all about me. As the rims hit you campers, so did the camping virus hit me. From then on, I soaked up all the information I could get about camping vehicles.

LoderTire Daniel FIAT Ducato

At this point, my interest had long since moved beyond pure sales and customer care. Privately, too, the topic was spreading more and more. At some point we borrowed a partially integrated “Fiat Ducato Carado” from Hymer (Free State Sulzemoos) for a few days. The topic is so wide, we wanted to sniff our first “camping air” and to collect own experiences. The vacation was then actually a whole new experience. We enjoyed the time very much and as a family we always remember the early days with pleasure. Camping has to please the whole family, of course, and since it did, we wanted to pick up where we left off. We made plans.

After the first trip, the next step was to set up a mobile home piggy bank. This was almost inevitably followed within a very short time by the sale of our passenger car. The final step was finally the trip to Palmowski Reisemobile in Bielefeld. There we fell in love with a Fiat Ducato XGO VAN5 panel van, which we then decided on the spot. After waiting about 3-4 months, we were able to pick up our gem and start our own adventures.

In the meantime, of course, the XGO is no longer a “standard motorhome”. A comprehensive delta4x4 upgrade and an eye-catching tiger livery from “Kreavans” have taken hold. And as real campers like to give nicknames, it earned our van the name “Camp-Tiger”. In the meantime, we are already numerous camping trips and vacations richer and look forward to many more.

In the end, I literally turned my profession into a hobby. And I must honestly admit, delta 4×4 is not only my employer, but has significantly shaped my lifestyle.

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Below the post you will find more technology talks about tires and wheels.

Stay curious!

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