Country Golf, take me home…

delta4x4 presents a fascinating new interpretation of the legendary Golf Country


…to the place, I’ll belong – West Alps, mountain mama… Fortunately, the talented minds at delta4x4 have not dedicated themselves to writing song lyrics, but instead to tuning off-road and overlanding vehicles. Since 1980, the delta4x4 team has been taking care of optimizing four-wheel drive vehicles to improve their off-road capabilities.


The Golf Country was comparable to Quentin Tarantino’s early films: a box office flop, but an absolute cult object among fans. At the time, only 7735 examples of the Golf Country were sold, which is about 0.12% of all Golf IIs. It is understandable that Volkswagen has not yet brought a new edition onto the market – unfortunately. Because it’s not always just about commercial success, but also about creating a legend, as with Golf Country.


The starting point for this impressive new interpretation is the Golf R with all-wheel drive. A lift kit can increase ground clearance by up to 80 mm. The delta Golf thus achieves similar values to the Golf Country. Striking fender flares, impressive 18-inch Hanma rims with Loder AT off-road tires, Rally Style – PIAA LED headlights on the engine hood and a practical roof rack complete the overall package for the Golf.


At present, this vehicle is still a study, but it is feasible and complies with TÜV regulations. Should enough interested parties be found, delta4x4 plans to bring a small series of 25 vehicles to the market. The conversion is expected to cost about 35,000€ and the development to completion will take about 6-9 months.

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