For some years now the south-Bavarian off-road vehicle accessories specialist delta4x4 has been developing an OffRoad program for transporters as well as travel and expedition vehicles. As the latest creations for the Iveco Daily 4×4, which is popular in the long-distance travel scene, the engineers from Unterumbach have developed two new OffRoad wheels: The Forged5000 heavy-duty rim and a beadlock rim that can be fitted with the Mileking Mud Champ 37″ MT tire developed especially for delta4x4 and can be seen at the Allrad & Abenteuer trade fair.

The Forged5000 is a forged wheel in the format 20 x 9.5 inches, and the type designation refers to the special features of this rim: Forged is the English word for forged and the number 5000 stands for its extremely high load capacity of 2500 kilograms per wheel, i.e. 5000 kg per axle. However, the forging technology not only ensures high strength, but also a low weight, which brings a noticeable plus in smoothness and driving safety. The Forged5000 is available in the versions highly polished or with black coating.

deta4x4 Iveco Daily 4x4 LegacyForged
delta4x4 Iveco Daily 4x4 Forged5000

The high-performance rim finds its ideal complement in the new Mileking MT tire of the dimension 37 x 13.5 R20, which was specially developed for delta4x4. Thanks to its larger diameter compared to the standard tires, as well as its greater width, it improves ground clearance as well as handling, ride comfort and stability.

Since most of delta4x4‘s customers undertake more extreme tours, expeditions and round-the-world trips with the Iveco Daily 4×4, the “Perfect Match” tire has an off-road mud-terrain tread, which at the same time also ensures high driving comfort on asphalt. Despite the larger tire size, it is still possible to mount fine-link snow chains on the rear axle.

The second high-tech wheel is presented by delta4x4 at the Abenteuer & Allrad trade fair at the booth of the motorhome manufacturer Bimobil. The 20 x 9-inch Real Beadlock rim shown there is a two-piece forged wheel with an expanding ring that clamps the tire to the rim, thus ensuring emergency running properties in the event of air loss. The technology originated in the military and is increasingly used in expedition vehicles and in long-distance rallies. The advantage here is that the inflation pressure in the tires can be reduced to a minimum – in order to build up more traction on sand, snow or mud through the now higher flexing effect – without them jumping off the rim.

Update Jan.23: delta4x4 now ships the complete wheel Forged5000 with Mileking Mud Champ 37×13.5xR20 also worldwide!
(Note: the complete wheel offer is only valid while stocks last)