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An exotic look for the athletic beauty

2022-06-29T11:57:27+02:0029. June 2022|

Loder1899 x delta4x4 - An offroad rim collection for the Mercedes-AMG GT: In cooperation with the tuning company "Loder1899" it came to a rather peculiar collboration. The Klassik rim by "delta4x4" typically only known of within the inner circles of the offroad community and [...]

The LoderTire AT#1 in 255/55R18

2022-04-26T11:06:14+02:0026. April 2022|

The new off road tire for vans and SUVs by Loder Tires Since the introduction of the EU tire label, the number of off-road tires that can be approved has been falling steadily and is now approaching zero for some formats. Because the big [...]

Your Rolls Royce in the Rough

2022-04-21T10:58:10+02:0021. April 2022|

In the past, the off-road experts at delta4x4 have raised many off-road vehicles and SUVs to the next level, not only visually, but notably through their accomplishments in dealing with rough terrain. No wonder then, that a high-end SUV such as the Rolls Royce [...]

FORCE20 by delta4x4

2021-12-03T19:47:32+01:0003. December 2021|

The Force20 Beadlock rim from delta4x4 Beadlock technology simply put is a mechanical device that firmly connects the tire to the rim. In a standard design wheel the tire is pressed to the rim bead by air pressure, the problem with this is with [...]

Suzuki Jimny with portal axles

2021-12-01T14:08:53+01:0001. December 2021|

delta4x4 - The unbeatable Suzuki Jimny Suzuki Jimny with portal axles: delta4x4 and Avus Auto joins forces In 1980 delta4x4 entered the off-road tuning scene by optimizing the Suzuki Jimny (LJ) the forefather of today’s Jimny (GJ). Back in the 80’s the delta4x4 Suzuki [...]

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