delta4x4 lets the BEAST off the leash!

Discreet is different! But who wants a discreet BEAST? delta4x4 has once again created a real Beast. The Mitsubishi L200 comes in maximum trim and also stands on the brand new HANMA-Wheels.

As usual with the delta Beast models, the tuner gave the L200 a complete makeover. The whole thing now no longer has much to do with the series model. For example, the extreme raising by means of body lift and fender flares creates space for the off-road shoes from Continental. The Beast was built especially for the Conti Tuner Days. delta has of course really slaved away. Others can spill the beans. Various add-ons and conversions, such as a roof rack, front bar and skirt sliders, ensure that the Beast is suitable for off-road use.

And last but not least, the HANMA wheels. One piece of jewelry at each point of contact with the ground. Modern, clear design paired with the required payloads of a pick-up on the road.

Are you interested in the extensive delta wheel program for your L200?

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