2023-11-23T11:10:52+01:0023. November 2023|

Genesis and delta enter into innovative partnership for the GV70 Project Overland Munich, 23/11/2023 – Genesis, the prestigious luxury brand of the Hyundai Motor Group, has joined forces with off-road specialist Delta Geländesport to herald a new era in the Overland segment. This [...]

82.000 km! With the Loder #AT1 around the world twice!

2023-11-21T12:56:06+01:0021. November 2023|

Sven Mammach has covered an incredible 82,000km with one set of Loder #AT1! That's enough for 2 round-the-world trips! Sven is on the road almost permanently and full-time with his camper for his company VanOnTrack. He specializes in supporting other camper enthusiasts with their [...]

G-Class 4×4[indexD]

2023-11-07T11:19:03+01:0007. November 2023|

delta4x4 presents the impressive "4x4D" version of the legendary G-Class For four decades, the Mercedes G-Class has been synonymous with unrivalled off-road capability and robust performance. But now, on the occasion of the appearance of the 4x4², delta4x4 gives the presence of the [...]

Loder1899 – Ford Custom 4×4

2023-10-31T09:05:48+01:0030. October 2023|

Loder1899 dares to make a fresh start with its groundbreaking presentation of the new Ford Custom 4x4 In 2024, the "Loder1899" brand, a subsidiary of delta4x4, will be revived: In the years 2005 to 2015, the company gained worldwide recognition with the "Loder1899" [...]

Seasonal wheel change

2023-10-26T09:51:37+02:0025. October 2023|

For those who really like it extreme: the Caterpillar crawler drive! We make it possible! (not STVO-compliant!) Change of season – change of wheels! Are you looking for suitable aluminium wheels suitable for winter? Are you bored of standard? Do [...]

Explorer Tour 2023

2023-10-24T09:05:46+02:0023. October 2023|

delta4x4 Explorer Tour 2023: An Adventure Through Bosnia and Herzegovina The beating heart of Zagreb was the perfect starting point for our off-road adventure. As the warm sun settled over the city, off-road enthusiasts and adventurers met in the [...]

Loder #AT1 NEW: 235/60 R17

2023-10-10T11:42:34+02:0018. September 2023|

The new off-road tire for motorhomes and SUVs by Loder Tires comes in size 235/560R17 118S. Since 2018, the company delta4x4 has been carrying the label "Loder AT#1 is delta4x4," possibly the smallest tire manufacturer in the world. Delta4x4 has been a [...]

VW Golf R Country – The Legend!

2023-06-20T10:15:15+02:0020. June 2023|

Country Golf, take me home… delta4x4 presents a fascinating new interpretation of the legendary Golf Country …to the place, I’ll belong – West Alps, mountain mama... Fortunately, the talented minds at delta4x4 have not dedicated themselves to writing song [...]

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