Speedometer adjustment: Your expert from delta4x4 knows advice

When we talk about a speedometer alignment, we are not talking about adjusting the speedometer. A speedometer adjustment is almost always necessary as soon as you change the tire size or rim size of your Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Mitsubishi L200 or any other vehicle. In short, you are now using a different size than the one noted in your vehicle documents. Noteworthy with the speedometer adjustment is that, unlike the adjustment, the driven kilometers are not changed. According to the law, only an upward deviation of the displayed speed is allowed. Thus, the speedometer may display a higher speed than is driven, but under no circumstances less. How much the value may deviate is also specified. For vehicles registered before 1991, a deviation from the real value of seven percent is possible. If the registration is after 1991, the speedometer may exceed the real value by ten percent plus an extra surcharge of four kilometers per hour.

VW T6 speedometer adjustment by delta4x4 Offroad Tuning

Why the speedometer adjustment makes sense.

Perhaps you have chosen a new set of tires from BF Goodrich, Yokohama, Cooper Tire or Mickey Thompson. With this purchase, you may have changed tire sizes, which can have numerous handling benefits. Once this is done, you should also have the speedometer adjusted. Why? Quite simply, if you do not make a speedometer adjustment, the kilometers will be displayed incorrectly. Also, the actual speed indication being driven is no longer correct. The resulting consequences can be drastic. For this reason, TÜV Germany insists on a speedometer adjustment if you use a new tire or rim size. In order to realize it, the speedometer is removed. After all, the respective parameters in the instrument cluster must be changed directly. It is important that the adjustment of the speedometer is carried out by a professional. With the unsuitable tool or the wrong technique, a lot of damage could be done.

Mercedes G-Class speedometer adjustment by delta4x4 Offroad Tuning
Speedometer adjustment module from delta4x4 Offroad Tuning
Suzuki Jimny speedometer adjustment by delta4x4 Offroad Tuning

Speedometer adjustment: crucial tips

The best first step is to check whether you exceed the deviation and thus whether a speedometer adjustment is necessary at all. You can test this yourself without difficulty by reaching for a mobile navigation device. The navigation device should show you the speed. If it does not match the speed indicated by the instrument cluster, analyze the level of the deviation. If the value is above the permissible deviation, you should contact us at delta4x4 for a speedometer adjustment. Call us or write us an e-mail in which you list the vehicle model including year of manufacture and the amount of deviation!

VW Amarok speedometer adjustment by delta4x4 Offroad Tuning

Speedometer adjustment: only one service of many

We at delta4x4 are your contact if you drive an off-road vehicle or SUV. Besides a speedometer alignment, we offer you numerous services and products. It’s best to take a look at our online store now and discover great quality products that will upgrade your car in terms of appearance and functionality. Take a look right now and get inspired by our assortment for Fourwheelers!

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