Speedometer calibration: your expert from delta4x4 has the answer

When we speak of a speedometer calibration, then we are not referring to changing the speedometer. A speedometer calibration is virtually always necessary as soon as you change the tyre size or wheel size of your Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Mitsubishi L200 or other vehicles. In other words: You are using a different size than that specified in your vehicle documents. It must be noted that with a speedometer calibration contrary to changing, the driven kilometers are not changed. According to the legislature, a speed variance is only allowed if it falls above the actual driving speed. The speedometer is allowed to show a higher speed than is actually driven, but under no circumstances may it fall below the actual speed. The variance percentage is also specified. For vehicles registered before 1991, the variance of seven per cent from the real value is permissible. If the registration is after 1991, the speed may exceed the real value by ten per cent plus one extra increase of four kilometres per hour.

Why a speedometer calibration makes sense

Maybe you have selected a new set of tyres from BF Goodrich, Yokohama, Cooper Tire or Mickey Thompson . By buying these tyres, you more than likely have changed the tyre size which can have countless advantages for the handling performance of your vehicle. If this is the case, you should also have the speedometer calibrated accordingly. Why? Simply stated: If you do not perform a speedometer calibration, the kilometeres will not be displayed correctly and the actual driven speed is no longer accurate. The resulting consequences can be drastic. For this reason, TÜV in Germany requires a speedometer calibration whenever you use a new tyre or wheel size. To achieve this, the speedometer is removed since the respective parameters in the instrument cluster must be changed directly. It is important that the speedometer calibration is carried out by a professional. If it is performed using tools that are not suitable or incorrect techniques, it could be damaged.

Speedometer: vital tips

The first step is to determine whether the variance exceeds the specification, making a speedometer calibration necessary. You can easily check this yourself by using a mobile navigation device. The navigation device should indicate the speed. If the speed does not correspond to that of the instrument cluster, the variance percentage should be determined. If it exceeds the permissible variance allowance, you should contact us at delta4x4 for a speedometer calibration. Call or write us an e-mail indicating the vehicle model, year built and the variance percentage!

Speedometer calibration: just one of many services

We at delta4x4 are your partner when you drive an off-road vehicle or SUV. In addition to a speedometer calibration, we offer countless services and products. Take a look at our online shop and discover the great quality products that can upgrade the function and look of your vehicle. Browse our shop now and let our range of products for four-wheelers inspire you!

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