Green Performance Day in Contipark

The 45th Conti Tuner Day was held under the motto Green Performance Day. Sure, it’s nice and green around Wietze in Lower Saxony. But that was not the motto here. The focus was on new e-drives and the vehicles in which this technology is installed. But as expected, this day was not supposed to be about the usual standard models. Rather, the best-known tuners in the scene put their gems to the asphalt test stand. Right in the middle, delta4x4. Why not? delta’s Tesla Model Y has everything that makes a good tuning. Power, unique design and the courage to dare something. Equipped with a lot of equipment, which could also be needed for a (C-)continental crossing, the e-bolide shows impressively what is possible. It is also clear that a delta 4×4 Tesla will be starting out on off-road tires. Continental’s CrossContact is an outstanding tire that is not only useful for show purposes, but also literally rolls up the asphalt of the race track behind it. Whirring and brachial it goes around the curves. The tuner scene gave nothing to each other and yet is one big community.

We look forward to the coming year!

The delta-4×4-Tesla in Motion

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