Tesla X Gall Wings Delta 4x4

The Tesla X for the rough.

An electric motor on each axis, up to 611 HP system output and a torque of around a thousand Newton meters, practically from a standing start. The Tesla X is not only a high-flyer on the road, but also a perfect SUV off-road – and still gives zero pollutants to the environment as it drives locally emission-free.

But with its road-oriented series tires, the drive on off-road passages ends quickly – even the most fascinating drive technology does not help. In order to be able to fully use the off-road performance of the Tesla X, the South German off-road vehicle tuner delta4x4 now developed a set of wheels for the rough :

It consists of the new Klassik_B rim in the format 9.5 x 20 on which Mud Terrain off-road tires of the dimension 265/45 x 20 are mounted. With this combination, the coarse MT profile ensures grip off the road, and the replaceable collision protection ring of the Klassik_B rim serves as protection that absorbs the energy in contact with the terrain so that the rim itself is not damaged – the damaged ring can then easily and can be replaced cheaply.

Delta4x4 is already thinking about the visual appearance of the Tesla X and is planning to develop a front protection bar for the American according to European safety standards (“pedestrian protection bar”). And so that things can go a little further in the field, the Odelzhausen tuning company also has a moderate lift kit for the Tesla X in the pipeline – if there is demand for it. In this way, delta4x4 ensures that the Tesla X can keep everything that its innovative drive technology promises in off-road use.

The new off-road wheels for the Tesla X will come onto the market in summer in two versions: as a Classic_B rim (with collision protection ring) and as a classic rim (without collision protection ring), at prices starting at 570 euros per rim / complete wheel set ( 4 rims + 4 tires) with the mud terrain tire from 3900 euros.

Note to the editor: Press release and photo for free use. We look forward to your specimen copies. Further information: Maximilian Loder, Head of Brand Communication, delta4x4, 85235 Unterumbach, Tel. 0 81 34/93 02-36, fax 0 81 34/93 02-21, email maximilian.loder@delta4x4.com, web www.delta4x4.com

Tesla X Gall Wings Delta 4x4
Tesla X Gall Wings Delta 4x4