Loder1899 x delta4x4 – An offroad rim collection for the Mercedes-AMG GT:

In cooperation with the tuning company “Loder1899” it came to a rather peculiar collboration. The Klassik rim by “delta4x4” typically only known of within the inner circles of the offroad community and most oftenly seen on proper off-road vehicles would be custom CNC-milled in house by delta4x4 themselves in order to fit the athletic beauty – the Mercedes AMG-GT.

In regards to the possiblities of corrosion and degradation of the aluminium rim‘s colour delta4x4 went with an excellently robust powder coating as to negate this issue as best as possible. The rims come in the size 20″ x 9,5″ and will be fitted with a performance-oriented low profile tyre of your choosing. An unfamiliar picture but nonetheless still a noble and awarkdyl fitting look for the street-homologated racecar.

delta4x4 Mercedes-AMG GT
delta4x4 Mercedes-AMG GT

Due to the enourmous dimensions extensive work concerning the wheel house of Stuttgart/Affalterbach’s liaison will be needed. Solely thanks to the phenomenal concavity of the rims they’ll stick too far out of the wheel house to be a so-called plug’n’play solution.

Therefore the wheel house will need a fender flare to get the combination to comply with Germany’s local regulations and the examiner’s judgements.

Here’s our rim catalog including all the different models and designs fo the delta4x4 rim lineup:

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