Loder AT # 1 delta 4x4 tire

Since the introduction of the EU tire label, the number of off-road tires that can be approved has been falling steadily and is now approaching zero for some formats. Because the big tire manufacturers only “label” tire types and formats for Europe that promise correspondingly high sales figures in the EU countries. Large-format tires for off-road vehicles obviously do not meet these requirements, and they also place particularly high demands on tire developers – after all, despite their coarse profile, they must meet the limit values required by the EU tire label, including for noise emissions.

But “whining doesn’t count”, the Bavarian off-road tuning specialist delta4x4 thought, who needs exactly such tires for its off-road vehicle conversions – for example for the extremely higher “Beast” pickups. So the Odelzhausen development department got down to work and developed its own off-road vehicle tire that is tailor-made for the operating conditions in Europe.

With the Loder AT # 1, the first “multi-terrain tire” from the Odelzhausen-based off-road specialist is celebrating its world premiere. The AT tire typified in class C2 (“light truck”) hits the segment between traditional mud terrain and all terrain. In order to achieve this, the Bavarian development team pulled the tread blocks right into the shoulders of the tire, which ensure excellent grip on loose sand and in muddy passages. In addition, an additional side profile offers protection against damage, for example from sharp-edged (curb) stones. The tread of the Loder AT # 1 is styled in the style of an all-terrain tire – with relatively small tread blocks that ensure balanced driving characteristics and low rolling noise on the road. Additional sipe cuts in the tread blocks also ensure grip in rain and snow.

For the market launch in September, the Loder AT # 1 is available in the format 305/60 x 18 for SUVs, 4x4s and pickups. It has the Load Index 118 (1,320 kg load capacity) and the speed rating S (180 km / h). It is also marked with the snowflake symbol “Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake”, which identifies it as a fully fledged winter tire in accordance with European guidelines. Its values on the EU tire label are: rolling resistance “C”, wet grip “C” and noise emission 73 dB.

The Loder AT # 1 was specially designed in Germany for European on- and off-road requirements, is produced in China and is initially available in the size 305 / 60×18 from delta4x4. Other tire dimensions will follow.

Note to the editor: Press release and photo for free use. We look forward to your specimen copies. Further information: Maximilian Loder, Head of Brand Communication, delta4x4, 85235 Unterumbach, Tel. 0 81 34/93 02-36, Fax 0 81 34/93 02-21, E-Mail info@delta4x4.com, www.delta4x4.com


Loder AT # 1 delta 4x4 tire
Loder AT # 1 delta 4x4 tire