The Force20 Beadlock rim from delta4x4

Beadlock technology simply put is a mechanical device that firmly connects the tire to the rim. In a standard design wheel the tire is pressed to the rim bead by air pressure, the problem with this is with any loss of pressure there’s a danger the tire lessens its grip and can subsequently slide off the rim altogether. Punctures are what springs to mind but also the inflation pressure is often deliberately reduced when offroading in order to build up more traction on sand, snow or mud when an increased flexing effect is likely to occur. Similarly when strong acceleration and braking takes place, the frictional forces between rim and tire may not be sufficient causing them to twist against each other resulting in loss of control.

To prevent this potentially threatening situation the delta4x4 Force20 Beadlock presses the tire against the rim flange with a spreader ring and so it’s always firmly connected to the rim, with or without air pressure.

Where are Beadlock rims used? This technology has its roots in the military sector, where it’s essential that vehicles remain operational even after a complete loss of tire pressure. The armed forces demand that their vehicles have the capability of traveling at 80km/h for up to 100km, Beadlock technology with an expanding ring and an emergency running element makes this possible.

In the civil sector too Beadlock rims have found popularity, for obvious reasons armored vehicles rely on Beadlock rims as do increasingly expedition vehicles and long distance rally vehicles where the air pressure can be reduced to the minimum without the danger of the tire jumping off the rim.

The Force20 delta4x4 Beadlock rim:The delta4x4 offers the Force20 in two versions: a low pressure processed Monoblock Casted Force20 that is 1,800kg load capacity approved and a delta Force20 Forged rim that has a 2,500kg approval.

The rims are 20x9inch and can be supplied with offsets from ET 30 to ET 90, depending on the bolt circle. Both rims are designed in a way that the tires can be fitted with or without an expanding ring.