In October 2021, a colorful group of delta4x4 customers, employees and fans made their way to Slovenia to meet in the evening in a picturesquely located hotel near Lake Bled. After a round of introductions, organizational matters and the “welcome beer”, we turned to dinner and great conversations developed, of course also about “automotive topics”, the so-called petrol talks.

The next morning we started: Finally we could take a closer look at the different vehicles that the participants brought with them. We as “Team delta4x4” arrived with our Mercedes G-Class and the new Landrover Defender (freshly foiled in baby blue). Our friend Mario of the company “Cooper Tire” presented their completely, in our halls, rebuilt Ford Ranger. The “Unimog fan” Martin of the magazine “OFF-Road” was given our Jeep Wrangler JL for testing. Our guide Alper came with his Toyota Hilux with “delta4x4-Body-Lift-Kit”. Besides some other G-Classes, a Jimny and a VW Amarok, the highlights were also two converted Mercedes Sprinter 4×4, among others from Autohaus Hornung in Garmisch Partenkirchen. In the convoy it went then among other things on narrow pass roads relatively rapidly on the mountains. The participants were rewarded with a magnificent view of the impressive nature. During lunch with typical local cuisine, the first impressions were discussed. It was interesting to see how the different types of vehicles behave on the different surfaces. Also, so far every vehicle can absolutely keep up. After the break, the group was hot again to get “on the track” once more. In a new order more demanding passages were driven. At the end then a nevertheless relatively steep and winding departure. Highest concentration is required. Everyone makes it to the valley and everyone can be proud of their driving talent. After a fuel stop we went back to our “base camp” in the hotel. During dinner and at the bar, the day and the experiences were discussed.

After breakfast we set off again, this time the goal was over beautiful panoramic roads and through partly densely overgrown paths to Lake Bled. At a bistro with a view of the idyllic island in the middle of the lake, one could relax a bit with a snack and a cool drink before it got serious. After the relaxed riding so far, the group’s desire was to get a little more experimental and our guide Alper had just the thing up his sleeve. The slopes were getting rougher and bigger stones were sometimes in the way. Also, the saw had to be used from time to time to clear branches growing on the paths out of the way. Then the surprise: A steep mountain, still somewhat muddy from the rain. Some are still unsure, a group approaches the hurdle still on foot. Should we play with fire and risk a breakdown? There are discussions and arguments. In the end, it’s decided: The Sprinter with the air suspension drives up another driveway, “Team Hornung” shows solidarity and accompanies it, the other vehicles take their chances. The Jimny makes the beginning, so far still smiled at by one or the other, but here it can play out its strengths. Due to its weight advantage, it prances up the hill as if it were nothing. The “benchmark” is thus set. The G-Classes continue, anything other than arriving would be a disappointment. The pickups, the Jeeps and the Defender also master the task with flying colors. Impressive pictures and video recordings are made here, our photographer Alex is thrilled. After this highlight of the day, we go back to the hotel after a coffee break. After dinner we have a surprise for the participants: A warming campfire and delicious mulled wine is ready. Just the right thing for the cold nights in Slovenia.

The next morning is coming, after breakfast we drive to the high point of the trip: A pass, accessible through narrow serpentine roads. Impressive panoramic views are created, driving in any case challenging, especially with oncoming traffic. The wide vehicles with limited steering angle sometimes have to back up again in the curves. This is rewarded by the arrival at the summit. From the top, you can see exactly what kind of roads you’ve been driving. Down it is a lot more relaxed, a nice restaurant awaits us, where after dinner the trip is officially ended. After saying goodbye, it is decided how to continue for each individual. A small group still doesn’t have enough and tries a water crossing at a ford, the team delta4x4 goes to the next pass. After the drive back home, however, they can only relax for a short time. The Abenteuer & Allrad in Bad Kissingen is coming up, many of them will meet again the next weekend. Those who were not gripped by off-road fever before this tour will have caught it by now at the latest.